Here at FRAU Impianti, we’re specialist in designing, engineering and supplying turnkey plants, processing lines and equipment for processing raw milk, manufacturing of milk and milk-based products: butter, yogurt, ice-cream bases, whey and its derivatives.
Depending on the market-requirements for each project, FRAU Impianti can act a single point of contact for the design, production, installation and commissioning of complete processing solutions, from the reception of the raw product to the final package, ready for distribution.
Solid process engineering and a thorough knowledge of dairy products combine to deliver advanced plant designs and hygienic solutions for a wide range of products: drinking milk (pasteurized, E.S.L., U.H.T.), fermented products, yogurt, cream, butter.

The rich organic content of whey makes it a product packed in high-value components, which can be profitably processed to obtain semi-finished products for a variety of fields (food, cosmetic, etc.).
An advantageous use of this nutrient-rich raw material derived from cheese processing also translates into a reduction in waste, an increase in profitability and a better environmental impact. With this in mind, we offer cutting-edge systems for the correct treatment and recovery of whey, in compliance with international regulations.

We provide to our customers a team of qualified and specialized technicians who, with their knowledge and experience, can satisfy special requirements such as the design and production of a turnkey plant. According to the specific needs of the produces, Frau Impianti can be the unique referent for the design, production, installation and commissioning of complete processing solutions, from the reception of the raw product to the final package, ready for distribution.
We supply turnkey plants for dairies (production of drinking milk, fermented products, flavored milk, yoghurt, cheeses, cream, butter, whey treatment…) and also for the fruit juices industry.
Frau Impianti manufactures pasteurizing lines of various capacities and different possible levels of automation, according to the specific requirements of each producer. The processing plant, on request, can be integrated with specific treatment systems such as centrifugal separators (clarifying, skimming, bactofuge), automatic standardizers, deodorizing/degassing units and homogenizers.
Our solutions are pre-assembled on stainless steel platform and pre-tested by our premises. We serve the dairy, fruit juice and beverage industries: pasteurizers for milk, juice, soft drinks (milk or juice based).
The ESL treatment provides to reach a high pasteurizing temperature, allowing this way to extend the product’s shelf-life. ESL milk pasteurizers: Frau Impianti manufactures solutions dedicated to this typology of pasteurization, proposing plants of different capacities and a grade of automation and flexibility that reaches the highest level with our MULTIFLEX PLANTS.
With this solution, besides the high temperature pasteurization, it is possible to carry out the THERMISATION and HTST PASTEURIZATION. The system automatically adjust the pasteurizing and outlet temperatures, according to the destination of the treated product: drinking milk, yoghurt and milk destined to cheese production.
The “Ultra Clean” buffer tanks by Frau Impianti are suitable to store the ultra-pasteurized product (ESL milk) in such conditions to exclude any contamination, creating this way a “buffer storage system”, before the packaging machine. Inside the tank takes place the creation of a closed environment by means of sterile air under pressure, in a way to exclude any external contact, assuring all hygienic characteristics of the product and, of course, its shelf life. The system performs the loading and discharging of the product independently. By means of the Control panel it is possible to monitor temperature, pressure and quantity of the product inside the tank.
To grant this kind of storage system, the plant is equipped with valves and filters sterilizing the air flushed into the tank; furthermore, by means of an automatic process, the plant performs a STERILIZATION cycle with heated water before the production run, allowing to obtain an extremely hygienic internal environment. The construction on stainless steel skid, besides facilitating a possible handling of the equipment, grants a robust construction and resistance to the normal stress caused by the constant use of the plant, reducing also the place required for the installation of the same.
UHT (Ultra High Temperature) is a particular technic of sterilization which consists of taking the product to a high temperature for few seconds. What you obtain is a considerable extension of product’s shelf-life, which can be stored at room temperature. Frau Impianti manufactures UHT sterilizers for several production capacities.
The equipment, according to the specific project, can be equipped with plates or tubular heat exchangers. Our TRI-BLOCK lines offer to the producer the highest possible level of flexibility because, besides the UHT treatment, the plant can automatically carry out the HTST pasteurization and ESL pasteurization cycles.
Frau Impianti manufactures deodorizing units for milk, cream and fruit juices, for several production capacities. Pre-assembled on stainless steel platform and complete with independent electrical cabinet and control panel.
Flavours recovery system available. When supplied together with the pasteurizing plant, the degassing unit is assembled on the same stainless steel structure and completely connected and managed form the main control panel.
FRAU IMPIANTI designs milk reception systems, customized according to the real need of the producer. Different grades of automation are available, from the manual mode to the fully automated system.
The plants are pre-assembled on independent stainless steel platforms, equipped with stainless steel filter (single or double with by-pass), de-aeration device for counting the effective liters of product, flow-meter, plate cooler, independent control panel with possibility to record the detected parameters.
We design and manufacture automation solutions for processing plants and storage systems (including ULTRA CLEAN and ASEPTIC) for milk, milk by-products, fruit juices, soft drinks and beverages. Frau Impianti’s solutions can be engineered for brand new plants as well as integrated on existing equipment.
Our systems are assembled on stainless steel platforms, equipped with suitable and reliable components including pumps, manifolds of pneumatic valves (including MIX-PROOF valves), control panels for process management and data’s recording. We provide: initial study carried out by our engineers according to the information and requirements of the customer, design according to agreed specifications, execution and pre-assembly by our premises plus installation and commissioning by customer's premises.
The purpose of the CIP plant is to sanitize the production plant, by means of a particular sequence which provides initial rinsing, washing by means of alkaline and acid solutions, final rinsing with water. The wash program can be carried out manually or automatically at the end of every process. Frau Impianti’s systems are designed to obtain the maximum efficiency, with possibility to recover the washing solutions as well as the water for rinsing.
It is also possible to program the washes according to the operating temperatures, to dispense the concentrations of the washing solutions, the rinses and times for each individual phase. Frau Impianti designs washing systems suitable for the specific needs of each producer. We manufacture CIP plants equipped with 1 or more washing lines and different grades of automation.
Our yoghurt processing plants are designed according to the specific requirements of the producer, also to be perfectly integrated into existing dairy lines. The yoghurt production plants by Frau Impianti are equipped with maturation tanks of suitable capacity, equipped with double jacket (heating/cooling) and insulation; group for the production and circulation of hot/cold water, assembled on independent stainless steel platform, including pumps for the transfer of product and washing solutions.
We manufacture solutions for the production of Yoghurt (Stirred or Set) and fermented products like flavoured milk, Leben, Raib, Ayran, Kefir... The entire structure is complete with connections and distribution plates, supported by stainless steel frame equipped with gangway and accessing stairway.
Frau impianti’s Mini Dairy plants are designed for daily capacities up to 5000 litres. Ideal for the production of pasteurized milk to drink and fermented milk such as yoghurt, L’ben, Ayran, kefir… to be packed into pouches (pillow pack), bottles or cups.
The mini dairy plant is composed of the processing machineries (storage tanks for raw milk, pasteurizing unit, storage tanks for pasteurized milk), the utilities (boiler, chiller, air compressor), the packaging machine and the electrical cabinet complete with control panel. All components are pre-assembled onto a stainless steel platform and are completely connected (piping, pumps, valves).
Milk whey is a residual product coming from the cheese production cycle. It should not be considered as a waste of processing, but a real raw material to work and enhance.
Frau Impianti designs and manufactures complete processing lines for milk whey. We can supply global solutions going from the reception of the whey to the final packed product. the treatment of whey allows to obtain several products, which can be used in different sectors, food and non-food.

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